Handy DIY Tips

  • A regular broom will be an ideal replacement for a decking stain applicator
  • Using chalk pens, you can produce non-permanent murals on mirrors. Perfect for kids!
  • To prevent paint leaks in your house, glue a paper plate to the bottom of your paint cans
  • Strong coffee or shoe polish are perfect for covering up a raw scratch on a piece of dark wood furnishings
  • If you want to make certain your screws never ever come reversed when hanging something new, add a drop of clear nail varnish to the hole right before you complete tightening up
  • Old radiators can be livened up with heat proof paint. You can now even get it in aerosol form
  • To make nails get in wood efficiently, rub the pointers with a little soap before hammering
  • On unpolished wood with a damage, add some water, lay brown paper on top and iron. The damage will
  • To keep your paint usable, add a number of caps of methylated spirits, then put the lid on. Don’t stir until you next requirement to use it
  • Whatever your DIY task, keep in mind that security needs to come first so constantly turn off your electrics
  • Keep a torch in a known and easy to reach place just in case anything shorts or you come across an issue
  • A spring-powered rat trap makes a terrific automatic door better when installed to the back
  • Don’t lose cash on expensive cleaning products, when you can clean your wood burner glass with scrunched up newspaper, dipped in vinegar and ash
  • Old cooking area funnels can be repurposed as fantastic twine dispensers. Handy for passionate gardeners!
  • On an unequal surface, usage felt floor protectors to lengthen chair or table legs
  • Above all else, know when it’s time to contact the experts. Otherwise, you may squander a lot of time, effort and money trying to deal with something you just can’t master!

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