DIY Tips

1.  Before you lay a new floor, freshen up your walls so you will not risk getting paint on your brand-new surface

2. Don’t clean brushes and rollers after every coat. Simply wrap them securely in clingfilm and they’ll remain moist

3. Sprinkle talc onto squeaky door hinges and floorboards

4. Child oil will get paint residue off your skin quickly

5. Include a little bit of vanilla extract to your paint tin to prevent overbearing paint fumes

6. Old paint spills will soften up if you rub linseed oil on them. You can simply scrape them off!

7. Double-sided tape makes a fantastic carpet gripper

8. Dip scissors into boiling water prior to attempting to cut any delicate fabrics. It’ll be a breeze!

9. Connect a length of floss to a leaking tap and run it straight into the plughole to prevent a loud night

10. Masking tape is best for developing stencils with. It’ll work anywhere and not leave a mark

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